Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cabarrus Quilt Show

Hi ya! Quick hop in here this week. I am headed to my old town of New Bern, NC to vend at the Twin Rivers Quilt Show. I'm looking forward to visiting with my peeps there!

So today I thought I would share photos from the show I vended last month in Concord, NC. I want to apologize for the poor photo quality. David went to the show with me and I sent him around with my "fancy" Cannon camera to take photos of the quilts along with the name tags. Well, like many people nowadays, he is so used to using his phone for everything that he didn't check the settings on my camera. Thus, they are not the greatest. :( :( :( However, I think you will still enjoy them. :) :) :)

I'll see you back here next week with the rest of the photos from this show.

Light, love and hugs!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Show and Tell

Hi ya! Well, we survived hurricane Matthew with only minor damage to our cottage. We are so very grateful as many of those around us did not fare as well. There is massive flooding everywhere as rivers and damns are overflowing. It's truly so sad and my heart goes out to all those who are affected from this massive storm.

Needless to say, between the stress of the storm and frankly, the stress and ugliness in the news, I wanted to share some photos from my ASG (American Sewing Guild), Quilters by the Sea and my little weekly Stitch and Chat group. I think we all need a break to look at some pretty and happy things. Don't you think?

First, these are from last months ASG meeting.

Lois, on the right, made this quilt for her granddaughter who loves Lily Pulitzer. Gorgeous isn't it?
Her assistant, Penny, on the left made the dress she is wearing. So fabulous and it looks great on her. I'm always in awe of friends who can sew clothes.

 Lois also made this wonderful little quilt for fall.

 Penny shared some pieces she has been working on. So fun and the colors are so cheerful, you can't help but smile!

Molly, holding the quilt up on the left, made this gorgeous block quilt. We meet at Sew Happins here in Wilmington. Sarah, the shop owner, is holding the quilt up on the right.

Ginni, our President, made this embroidered apron.

 Michelle made this wonderful top and

she made this Alabama Chanin top too.

Speaking of Alabama Chanin tops, Jean also made one. Here she is at my house for our weekly stitch and chat. I love these tops! They are all hand stitched!

I saw Jean today and she was wearing this top that she also made. Again, I am in awe of friends who can sew clothes.

Molly, from the photo above, is also in my weekly group. Today she brought this piece she made for her Mom's door at the nursing home. Too cute!

Next we move on to my quilt guild, Quilters by the Sea. They had a challenge back in the spring where members got fabrics from Pepper Cory's line called Brushstrokes. The challenge was to create something using these fabrics and the inspiration of "My Favorite Color is." The quilts were put in brown paper bags and turned in. Then we hung the quilts and voted on them. There were really nice cash prizes for the winners. Here are the AMAZING results from the challenge.

When the prizes were awarded, the makes got up and stood with their quilts. I managed to get a few photos. They were quick like bunnies to get their quilts. hee,hee,hee.

I'm still new to the guild and we have over 200 people, so I don't know everyone's name yet. YET...;) I do know Lise on the left because she is one of my students.  Hi Lise! :)

This is Jen and her adorable daughter. Jen is new to quilting and made that fabulous modern black quilt to the left. She is super talented and it's wonderful to have a young quilter in our group. YAY!!!

I don't know the gal on the left, but her traditional quilt was so sweet and charming. Lynn, on the right made the quilt with the leaves. I loooooooove this piece. I love the movement and color in it, as well as, the dangling leaves at the bottom (photo above shows them).

 These are both beautiful. Becky on the right is a quilt artist.

Last, but not least, is Mary with her incredible art quilt. I loved everything about this piece. Great color, gorgeous design and incredible quilting.

I hope these photos gave you a break from all the gloom and doom in the world. I for one love to escape to the world of quilting and creativity. Let me know if you have a favorite. I'll have more photos next week from the show I vended in Concord, NC.

Light, love and hugs,